Contact Us

Whenever possible, please utilize the ticket system to connect with our technicians.  This helps us centralize our services and provide a higher quality of service overall.

If you need to reach a specific member of our team, contact information is provided below.

Ken McClearyTechnology Systems Manager250-782-8571 ext. 210 (office)
250-784-0783 (cell)
Mark QiuTechnology Systems Supervisor250-219-0899 (cell)
Jason LowcayNetwork Systems Technian250-219-4079 (cell)
Kyle KrauskopfSr. Systems Technian250-219-0299 (cell)
Li ZhangSr. Systems Technian250-719-1683 (cell)
Steve TorySystems Technician250-242-7195 (cell)
Jordan EndicottSystems Technician