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Notable Changes to Atrieve Menu and Layout
Last Updated 2 years ago

On July 17, the look and feel of Atrieve was updated. Along with it the menus became less dynamic; Menu Items have a specific location and are no longer customizable.

Here's a list of the notable changes:

New Layout


- The menu is now located on the left side. Clicking on menu items open up the sub menu (hovering does not work)
- Tasks - Only shows up if you have uncompleted tasks
- Search will allow you to search for pages if you don't know where something is located in the menu
- Log Out will log you out of Atrieve

How Do I...

All Staff

Access My Dashboard My Info --> Dashboard
Enter an Absence My Info --> Time & Attendance --> Enter Absence
View / Change an Absence My Info --> Time & Attendance --> View or Change
Change Availability for Casual Employees My Info --> Time & Attendance --> Dispatch & Workboard --> Unavailability
Change Access Pin on ADS (Call Out) My Info --> Time & Attendance --> Dispatch & Workboard --> Change Pin
Submit an Employee Expense Claim My Info --> Documents & eForms --> eForms --> My eForms List
Get an Earning Statement or T4 My Info --> Documents & eForms --> Employee Statement
Get Assignment History or Absence Calendar My Info --> Documents & eForms --> Employee Information --> My Info

Principals and Secretaries

Task Manager My Info --> Tasks --> Task Manager
Attendance Authorization HR --> Attendance --> Attendance Authorization
Other Employee Expense Claim HR --> Documents & eForms --> Location eForms --> eForms by Location
Create a Web Requisition Finance --> Requisition & Purchasing --> Requisition Entry --> Create Requisition

Quick Links

You are now able to create Quick Links to the pages in Atrieve you use the most.
Go to Home --> Quick Links
You can either move items from the Available list to the Select list or use the menu drop down to find them with their full menu path.

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