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How to Log a Tech Support Request
Last Updated 5 years ago

Go to
You can also find it by going to the District Website --> Staff -->Technology Support --> Click the Help Desk image

Click Open a New Ticket on the right side

Select a Help Topic.
If your issues falls under multiple topics, select the highest one in the list.
  • User Account / Password Issue
  • Web Application
  • Network / Wireless
  • Printing
  • MyEducation BC
  • Apple App/Device Procurement
  • Computer Application Issue
  • Computer Hardware Issue
  • General Inquiry (Other)

A set of text boxes will appear below that are relevant to the help topic you have selected.

Fill in the appropriate boxes, describing your issue.
All boxes with a red star are required. Please include the optional boxes when it’s for someone other than yourself or your assigned computer. This will help speed up the resolution of your issue.

Click Create Ticket
You will receive an email confirming that the ticket has been created. There is a link in it so that you can check back on the status or add additional information.

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