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Installing Microsoft Office on Personal Devices
Last Updated 5 years ago

Office 2016 should already be installed on your district computer. If it is not please see your tech assigned to your school to have it installed. For Android and iOS devices make sure you install Outlook.

You also have the option to install Microsoft Office on your personal devices if you are a teacher. It can be installed on up to 5 computers (includes your work computer). The license is valid for as long as you have a teaching assignment. Once you no longer have an assignment your license will change to read only.

Please keep in mind that you will be signing in with your school district email address and password. This will give you access to your District Email and OneDrive on that computer. You are responsible for keeping that data safe so only install it on devices that you use.

Outlook Online


Mac and Windows

  • Go to
  • Sign in with your district email address and password
  • Click Install Office in the top right corner



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