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How do I update my computer's software? [C]
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Depending on what software needs updating, you will need to perform different steps.

macOS updates fall into one of the following categories.  

  • Managed software updates
  • System / OS updates
  • App Store application updates

It is important to allow updates to process and can take a long time depending on a large number of factors.  Forcefully interrupting updates can potentially leave your system in a corrupted state.  Patience is critical.

When in doubt, please reach out to Technical Support for assistance if an update seems to be taking an excessively long time.

Managed Software Updates

Managed Software Center is installed on every District-owned Mac.  This program allows you to install software from the District's catalogue on your computer, and is responsible for keeping this software up to date.

This program runs silently in the background until updates are available for your Mac.  When an update is available, Managed Software Center will present a notification to you prompting you to update.

You can respond either by clicking on the notification, or at your convenience, from the Finder, select Go menu > Applications, then open the Managed Software Center application.

Click on the Updates tab to see any available updates.  If you see a progress bar, be patient and allow it to do its work.

Once you see a list of available updates, click the Update Now button in the top right corner to start the update process.

System / OS Updates

You may notice that Managed Software Center will handle some Apple updates as well.  If Managed Software Update cannot install an Apple software update for you, you will need to use the Software Update tool.

Select Apple menu > System Preferences.

Click on the Software Update icon.  If it checks for updates when the pane first opens, allow it time to process.

Once the available updates are displayed, carefully read what will be installed.  Major OS upgrades should only be installed after consulting with the tech department; some recent OS upgrades break support for legacy apps.

Minor system updates should be installed regularly.

Apple updates are notorious for being large, and consequently, take a long time to download.  Please be patient, and try to do these updates in areas with a good network connection.

App Store Application Updates

If apps are purchased through the App Store (or through Apple's volume purchasing program), these apps can be updated through the App Store app on your Mac.

From the Finder, select Go menu > Applications, then open the App Store application.

Select the Updates tab.  If it checks for updates, allow it time to process.

Click on the Update All link in the top right corner.

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