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Creating a Consent Form
Last Updated 3 years ago

BC Privacy laws are both strict and very different compared to a lot of privacy laws around the world. You're not asking parents to use a particular application; you're asking parents if it's ok to store personality identifiable information in a foreign country and subject that information to foreign laws.

Things that a consent form should include:

  • The name of the application
  • A description of the program and how it's being used
  • What information about students and/or parents you are putting into the company (be specific)
  • Add if anything is going to be publicly visible to the Internet
  • The location of the data if known (company and country)

If you're not sure, please send a copy of your consent form to Kenneth McCleary or Christy Fennell for proofreading or if you have questions.

List of consent forms available: Technology Consent Forms on All Staff Sharepoint

The SeeSaw consent form is a good example to use as a template.

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