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Getting Tech Support From Home
Last Updated a year ago

Contact your tech regarding the issue. The preferred method is via the Tech Support Portal primarily because if a job doesn't get done right away, it doesn't get forgotten about like phone calls and emails. It also directs the ticket to the correct person if it's not your school assigned tech that should be handling it. calling, email and Microsoft Teams Chat are also other ways to get ahold of your school tech.

The tech will ask you to join a meeting

Open Microsoft Teams


Login (if asked)
Once the person invites you, you will get a pop up in the top right corner asking you to join.
Click Join.
Move your mouse over the main part of the window so a control bar at the bottom of the screen appears
Click the Share button (box with an up arrow)


Select the screen or application you want to share (top left box is usually your main window and all applications.

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