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How to return computer
Last Updated 11 months ago

You can return devices in several ways. Please let us know what will be most convenient for you:

District mail

  • Last mail run is the first week of July.

Leave at school in a secure location

  • Advise tech department of the storage location.
  • Must be stored behind a locked door and ideally in a place with limited staff access.

Drop off with Tech Staff

  • Techs may provide your school with on-site support during the last week of June. If so, pickup can be arranged.

Drop off at the Tech Office

  • Located at northeast side of DCSS Central annex, next door to Kin arena. Sign is above the door.
  • Door is always locked; please set up an appointment to drop off, and knock when you arrive.

When you return your assigned devices, include the power adapter that was provided to you. Other adapters (such as video adapters) can either remain at the school, or returned to the tech department for redistribution. If you are unsure, please reach out to your school’s administration for direction.

If you believe this was sent to you in error, please let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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