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How to setup your Dock on mac computer
Last Updated 2 years ago

Here  is a youtube link about the dock: 

I would recommend commonly  used apps like the 3 bowsers on your dock (Safari, Firefox, Google Chorme) and the Office apps on (Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint)

After that, you can put what apps you prefer.

Adding Items

  • Drag Item to Dock

Keep in mind, applications go on the left side of the line, files, folders, urls go on the right. URLs can only be added from Safari.

Removing Items

  • Click and drag application away from dock. Hold until a little poof of smoke appears beside the icon.

Dock Settings

  • Apple Menu
Apple Menu

-> System Preferences

  • Click on image
  • Some key things you can change:
    • Dock Size
    • Dock Location (Bottom, Left Side, Right Side)
    • Magnification
    • Hide Dock

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