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How to use iPhone or iPad as document camera and project to class projector
Last Updated 3 years ago

There are at least two ways you can use your iPhone or iPads as document camera for your class.

Method one:

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your MacBook laptop through charging cord

2. Click trust on your iPhone or iPad

3. Open your Quick Time Player from Applications Folder.

3. Click "File"-->Click "New Movie Recording"

4. Click the small " v " icon right beside the Recording button

5. Select your iPhone or iPad from the menu

6. Open your Camera on your iPad or iPhone

7. Select "Enter Full Screen" on your Quick Time under the View if you want

8. Put your iPhone or iPad on a table edge, and put your document on a chair under the camera

9. Zoom in or out on your iPhone or iPad camera

10. You can record your screen, or screen your computer to your class projector

Method two:

Install 5kPlayer on your computer, use screen mirror on your iPhone or iPad to your computer

Of course, you can spend around $20 to buy iPhone or iPad stand holder online to make your life easier.

For more details with pictures about these document, please open the attached Document1.pdf

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